Learn how to grow Great cutting flowers in your home garden

There are so many beautiful, easy-to-grow cutting flowers that will brighten up your home. And for winter there are many brilliant drying flowers for bouquets and wreaths that will cheer you up through the winter.

Which flowers to start with?
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Perennial Flowers

These are the flowers you plant once and they come back every year…bringing you more and more flowers each year. The rest is simple maintenance. I find that these are the most wonderful flowers to grow because they’re just so easy and rewarding. And the selection of what you can grow is huge.

See Annual Flowers

Annual Flowers

These are the flowers that you need to plant every year, though some will reseed on their own. Being annual means they grow from seed, flower, develop seeds, and die in one year. While perennials are my favorite, there are so many annuals you won’t want to miss.

Drying Flowers below

Drying Flowers

There are many flowers that are good to use both fresh and dried. Some have vibrant colors that are retained when dried. And some plants dry well for extra texture and form. Learn about them and how to work with these flowers.

Flower Garden Benefits

Growing Flowers has Benefits

Flower gardens have a lot of power to bring back our desperately needed pollinators. And they boost the natural insects that give you all-natural pest control. Learn how this works.

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Please~ have fun growing your own cutting flowers!!


I’ve been a semi-professional flower grower. I’ve learned by reading, doing, and learning from other flower growers. I’ve sold my flowers at farmer’s markets, in stores, and I’ve sold my wreaths and dried flowers at craft fairs and small markets. See my About page for how I fell in love with flower gardening. I hope you will too!


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