Bouquet with both white and red alstroemerias, tiny white daisies, white statice, and lavender scabiosa flowers
Spring bouquet with both white and red alstroemerias, feverfew, statice, and perennial scabiosa

Learn How to Grow Great Cutting Flowers in Your Home Garden

There are so many beautiful easy-to-grow flowers that will brighten up your home in spring, summer, and fall. And if you’d love to have your own flowers in the winter, there are lots that you can grow to use fresh and to make colorful dried bouquets and wreaths for winter cheer.

Many of my favorite cutting flowers are perennial plants. Perennial means that you only prepare the bed and plant them once. The rest is simple maintenance and you can harvest your flowers year after year. Here is a list of beautiful easy-to-grow perennial cutting flowers you can grow.

But there are also lots of annual flowers that are too good to pass by. Here’s a list of some of the best annual flowers to grow.

Not sure what the difference between perennial and annual is? Go here to understand the difference between annuals and perennials.

Harvest Gorgeous Bouquets From Unfussy Flowers

I like to work with easy to grow flowers. But some can be hard to find as plant starts (because they’re a little uncommon). So, I give you guidance on starting them from seed. Plus, you’ll find sources for that flower, in plant or seed, on each flower page.

You don’t need a farm or acreage to grow an assortment of pretty cutting flowers for your home. You can get plenty from a small garden.

Your Flower Garden Can Be Good For The Earth, Too

Your flower growing will help pollinators so much more than you can imagine. Read about helping bees and other pollinators here.

They’ll also bring in the beneficial insects that will give you the most thorough pest control for your landscape and garden. Read about beneficial insects here.

I know you’re busy with family, work, and other commitments. So I want you to have the know-how to easily grow flowers so you can have bouquets in your home year-round.

And have fun in the kitchen with them, too! See the section on edible flowers, and herbs.

Please--Have Fun Growing Your Own Cutting Flowers!

I’ve been a semi-professional flower grower. I’ve learned by reading, doing, and learning from other flower growers. I’ve sold my flowers at farmer’s markets, in stores, and I’ve sold my wreaths and dried flowers at craft fairs and small markets. See the About page for how I fell in love with flower gardening. You will too!

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